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Lokkhi Video – Web-based video conferencing

Lokkhi Video ( is a video conference portal. It requires no download, no installation, just invite people by sharing link and start a conference in no time.

Learn about Video Features

Simple Video Conference
No B2B, B2C But H2H Communication
The objective is to connect any Internet enabled Device
Device & Browser Independent as much as possible
Real-Time Messaging with All or in Private or in Group
Plugin free, Download free, Sign up free – True Freedom of Communication

Open your browser (latest Chrome/Firefox/Opera) from any device and type

You’ll be asked to choose your webcam, allow from the pop up dialogue near the url bar at top (Allow button for Chrome, Share for Firefox). This will turn on your webcam, and you should see yourself in background.

Next allow location if asked, and move on to invitation dialogue.

Invite others by sharing the link. You can email from here or share on Facebook. Once your invitation link is clicked by others, they will join your room/stage. If they allow their webcam, you can see each other and talk.

Use the chatting features. Check the menus at top.

You can change your name & profile information from profile menu at top right.

You can join other rooms from join menu. Type the room name and click join.

Completely Web based

No download, no plugins, no hassle

No sign up, sign in

Start a conference from your browser today


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