Key Technology behind Lokkhi -WebRTC, the future of communication

The key Technology behind Lokkhi Platform is Google’s WebRTC ( We believe that this will be the future of Communication. Below are some articles on WebRTC .

An article published on REUTERS on December 11, 2014 says:

With WebRTC, the Skype’s no longer the limit

“WebRTC will be a market worth $4.7 billion by 2018, predicts Smiths Point Analytics, a consultancy. Dean Bubley, a UK-based consultant, reckons over 2 billion people will be using WebRTC by 2019, some 60 percent of the likely Internet population.”

“By the end of the decade, consultants Analysys Mason reckon there will be 7 billion devices supporting WebRTC, nearly 5 billion of them smartphones or tablets. Automatic voice and video encryption means web conversations should be safe from eavesdropping or external recording.”


On February 10, 2015, WebRTC 1.0: Real-Time Communication between browsers draft published by W3C


An article on the application of WebRTC in medical field says:

“WebRTC represents the future of communications by combining voice, video, data transfer, presence, instant messaging, and other capabilities into a single package that can operate via the use of modern Web browsers. Its ability to take advantage of the universality of Web browsers gives it a spot on any type of device, and its multiple avenues of communication support a number of use cases that, previously, only large enterprise systems could match. WebRTC is a peer-to-peer connection directly between two users so there is no middleman, this means you can send messages directly to the other user without the need of a third party organization.”


WebRTC is changing Higher Education: February 12, 2015

“For students with mobility issues, or who have cognitive challenges that make it hard to keep up in class, the easy-to-use video from WebRTC can be a godsend. It enables every classroom to be a distance education classroom, and this can help students who need to slow down lectures or can’t make it to class.”



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