How to use Lokkhi?

Lokkhi is an online communication & collaboration platform. Open your Chrome/Mozilla Firefox/Opera from any device you are using like your desktop/laptop/tab/smart phone and type URL:

You will see the following sections

  • Public Chat
  • Video Chat
  • Live Sharing
  • Webinar
  • Social Network
  • P2P File Transfer
  • Lokkhi Kotha android app

Depending on what you would like to do, go to the appropriate section. For example:

You want to connect to people outside the boundary of your social network, meet new people who may share the same interest or location as you.

In this case choose Public Chat. This is an open chatting room. Chat in Bangla, search & listen to music, share image/video, view and share files, find users nearby, get contents that interests you, chat in private, in public or in group.

You want to do a video conference for work or online business meeting or want to talk to your loved ones abroad or simply want to  do a quick video chat.

In this case Video Chat section should be chosen. Video chat with multiple users, download/installation hassle free, easy connect by sharing link, video and chatting at the same time, low bandwidth video support, share image/voice message/files.

You want to conduct a presentation to your client/colleagues/students or collaborate with your co-workers or conduct a training session or distant learning session.

In this case choose Live Sharing.  video/audio conference, text chat, synchronized office documents viewing, co-editing, co-sketching, co-browsing together with multiple persons in real time, easy invite by link share, chatting in Bangla, YouTube search & synced view.

You want to conduct a webinar or stream an event. 

In this case choose webinar section. Stream your event live with hundreds of viewers, get feedback, chat at the same time.

You want to connect to a social network and share your contents, maintain a friend circle. 

In this case sign up for social network. Activity stream/timeline, friend list, group, photo sharing, Bangla typing all part of the social network.

You want to send a very large file to a person or multiple persons. 

In this case choose P2P File transfer. Transfer very large size files that you cannot send my email or time consuming server uploads, instead send directly to the person you are connected with.

You would like to use a messaging app which will allow you to connect with others in community.

In this case download lokkhi kotha messaging android app. Chat in Bangla/English with everyone connected or chat in private, group, search & listen to streaming music, share photos, voice messages, find nearby users, read customized interest based content on wall. Connect to users on your phone book and lokkhi public web users as well.

Once you choose a section a profile information screen should appear and ask you to provide your name and profile image for the first time, next time onward our engine will automatically log you into by identifying your device.


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