Why Lokkhi and why use Lokkhi?

Any internet enabled devices you use today, let it be your smart phone, tab, PC, desktop or laptop, they have one thing in common, and that is they all have a browser. So if browsers can talk to each other, a wide range of devices can be connected. Lokkhi’s idea was originated from that. The co-founders of Lokkhi has long been researching and planning to build a communication tool. In addition to that the rapid expansion of ICT in Bangladesh in recent times, has seen a tremendous growth in the number of Bangladeshis who are using the internet for social, business and educational purposes. Despite these  advances unfortunately Bangladeshi users are still forced to use software and tools created for the use of western and other developed nations. To allow all Bangladeshis at home and abroad to benefit fully from the IT revolution, Lokkhi was created.

Imagine you are holding a business conference with foreign clients or you are teaching remotely at a school, or you are a lawyer or a doctor consulting your clients from distance or simply communicating with your friends and family living abroad, using Lokkhi you can do all these easily with the technology that you already have in your hand. You don’t need to download a software or install a plugin or sign up to a website or ask other for their id and add them to connect.

In addition to that Lokkhi as a platform offers a variety of communication possibilities and most of it are free of cost. Whether it’s about connecting to people outside the boundary of your known circle or to connect to people that you want to connect, lokkhi will serve you equally well. Lokkhi was developed keeping in mind Bangladesh’s internet environment, people with limited technical knowledge, security and use of Bangla. Point to Point Video connection and  large file transfer, encrypted messaging with server ensures security. Low bandwidth video conference and easy interface and chatting gives a better user experience with Lokkhi.

We have been asked often why use Lokkhi when you have Skype/Viber or other communication products. Well, people use multiple communication apps for multiple purposes although they might offer similar features, for example you might use skype, viber and whatsapp or wechat on the same device for different usage. Lokkhi offers many features integrated into one platform, its differentiating by integration of Bangla, plugin less and sign up less browser communications, integrated communication with both web and mobile app, ease of use, security, streaming, public channels, location & interest based filtering and many more. And last but not least Lokkhi was developed as a local product with global reach. As of today (February 25, 2015) Lokkhi has been used from 94 countries/774 cities by approximately 60,000 users.




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