What is Lokkhi

Lokkhi is an intelligent online communication & collaboration Platform as a Service. This is first of it’s kind developed by Bangladeshi Developers and available to all since June 4, 2014.

With web app (www.lokkhi.io) & mobile app, the lokkhi platform offers you means

  • To communicate online with video, text and voice messages,
  • To communicate in Bangla with easy autosuggestion feature,
  • To share documents & audio/video/image files,
  • To collaborate in real-time with multiple users through video conferencing, text/voice chatting, synchronized viewing of documents/images/presentations. Additional features include collaborative sketching, editing, YouTube and website browsing, location sharing – all in real time together – in a multi-user environment,
  • To transfer large files point to point,
  • To stream events or perform a webinar,
  • To communicate in an open platform that enables you to chat in English/Bangla, to find  and communicate with nearby users and to be served by aggregated contents based on your interest, to send voice messages and more,
  • To stay connected in a social network with other Lokkhi users
  • To communicate with Android app with both mobile app users and web users, to use text messaging in English/Bangla, voice messaging, photo sharing, music searching and listening, to find nearby users, to get push notifications and offline messaging.

Lokkhi Team is coming up with new exciting features and better user experiences gradually, so that you can do more with Lokkhi.

Most of the features in Lokkhi are completely free to use. We only charge for extended features and licensing of enterprise edition and some B2B modules etc.

The specialty of our Lokkhi portal is that you don’t need to download/install anything to use the features, most of the cases all you need is a browser and internet connection with devices you are using everyday like your desktop, laptop, tab or smart phones.

For any information or feedback, contact us at infobox@lokkhi.com

We hope you enjoyed using Lokkhi as much as we enjoyed making it.

Lokkhi Team


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